Ahh, I’m so glad it’s Friday. It’s odd for me to say that, since I haven’t been in that mindset for over a year now. Yes, I actually worked outside of the home this whole last week! Getting back into the rigorous schedule of waking up at 5am was really tough on my body!

Back in the days before Ethan I would wake up early, no problem, but I also was getting a solid 8 hrs of sleep the night before! Now, I am waking up every hour to a restless child needing to nurse and it has taken a toll on me. All I can say is thank god for that strong cup of coffee! Now I am back to my other job, being a full time mom. That is just as hard as any other job I’ve ever had, only much much different.

I think work is good for your body and your mind weather it is staying at home or working outside the home. It keeps me motivated and disciplined in other areas of life. Sometimes though, I need to be away for a bit to re-energize myself and make me appreciate my motherly duties.