So today as I was feeling lost and overwhelmed about what to do first, I decided to pull out my notebook and make a list. Or I should say many lists. I have always been a list person. I sometimes need to visually see what it is that has to be done, and I always get great satisfaction crossing off what has been accomplished.

Today’s list were things that I need to do. Sounds pretty simple, I know, but when it comes to contacting my insurance company for the umteenth time, I now dread this task. I fear that they will tell me what they tell me every time, which is that they need more detailed information, and that my time for my claim has now run out. It figures. Another list was titled, “Things that I will do everyday, ” and on this list was 30 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, leg lifts, weights, go to the gym 2 times per week…I just know how much better I will feel when I do these things regularly. I guess I feel like I need the list to stare me in the face, and possibly make me feel guilty if I have not done them.

So, tomorrow is a new day, and probably some kind of new list. Let’s see how I do!