Today marks a week since I’ve been making a daily “green” smoothie for breakfast. I joined a Smoothie Challenge that didn’t officially start until yesterday, but I got a running start on it. The Challenge encourages you to make at least one green smoothie daily for the entire month.

I now keep my freezer stocked with frozen fruits of all varieties and a fridge full of healthy greens. I must say I was a bit hesitant about the “greens” part, but now I’m hooked! Gabe prefers his made with a little less green than me, but I love the idea of starting my day off with so many healthy, beneficial nutrients. I have also noticed that I am not having that many in between meal cravings either.

So far I have experimented with kale, spinach, romaine, and parsley. I think my favorite so far is the one with 2 oranges, handful of strawberries, a few bananas, water,and 5 leaves of kale. Even Ethan likes them, which makes me feel great knowing how good they are for him. Wonder what delicious concoction I will make next!