Why are we naturally so competitive in nearly everything we do? I know that I am guilty of this also, but I must say that this is something that has been bugging me for quite some time now, and I’d like to examine it a bit closer. It has become so much harder in our society to just live in harmony with one another without constant scrutiny of someone’s every move or decision they make. We are pressured by others and mostly by ourselves that we must reign supreme over others.

I am not naturally a very competitive person so when I am around others who are I both admire their spirit to want to achieve great success and am annoyed at the constant competitive behaviors. It is especially sad to me that the most often that I witness this between our very closest friends and family. I thought the purpose of these close friends and family members is to support us through the good and the bad times. To encourage us to do our best and build us up, not tear us down. I am not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, because as I said already, I am guilty of doing this at times as well. I have just been realizing more and more how much this hurts people in the end.

A perfect example of this that I have seen time and time again is with our children. Why in god’s name are our children the constant topic of competition between parents. “My kid is already doing this, there must be something wrong with yours if he is not…” It is so silly and stupid and I am quite frankly sick of it! Why can’t we love our own kids and our friend’s and family’s children without contrasting and comparing behaviors and milestones?

Why is it so hard for some family members to tell you that they like your work and encourage you to reach for the stars instead of just not responding at all, or tearing you apart piece by piece. It is because everyone has their own insecurities and that is how we react when we feel like we are being invaded, in the defensive mode. I want to love my friends and family and get to know them more everyday, but without all the competitive ^%$^% between the lines. I think we all could sit back and ponder this in our own lives and consciously try to change our behavior toward ourselves and others. Enough said.