So yesterday I had fun trying a new recipe and enjoying the end result with dinner last night. I have recently been to the library and checked out the book “From A Baker’s Kitchen”, by Gail Sher.

I have been making mostly sourdough breads lately from the starter I started in November of last year, but I was getting tired of them and needed a change. This book focuses mostly on starting with a sponge and then the making of the bread itself is a 5 step process.

I will admit that I skipped two of the steps that required you to rise the bread 3 times total, I only did one rise.  It was still good, but I think next time I will be more prepared in the early morning, as this kind of rising is an all day process!  The bread was melt in your mouth delicious, as it should have been as it was made with 6 eggs and 1 1/2 c butter!  I split the dough in half and made one loaf cinnamon raisin bread and the other one parmesan.  Gabe is a big bread eater so I know there will be no problems devouring it in the next couple of days.  What shall I try next?