I went into this with a very open mind. I still feel that holds true, but things as of lately have been very challenging. Ethan loves his mamas. (Our term for my breasts) Only problem is, is that he loves them ALL the time. Quite awhile back he developed an obsessive behavior with touching them whenever he possible can for his means of comfort. He nurses practically all night long, and now, being pregnant, my nipples are VERY sensitive. So much so that when he latches on I want to scream bloody murder. I just grit my teeth and wait for it to be over. I really don’t want to force wean him, I am willing to nurse all through this pregnancy and possibly tandem nurse if it came to that, but what I am trying to say is that it is becoming really difficult.

I know I am not the only mom who has ever expirienced this, I just need to get out there and talk to more ladies about how to get through this difficult time for me and for him. I have a feeling this is just one of the many challenges I’m about to face with being pregnant and taking care of a demanding toddler, but there is no going back now:)