Once again we have rearranged our sleeping situation. As of Jan 1, we set up a separate room for Ethan with all his clothes, toys, and a twin sized bed. Well, we tried on and off over the last couple of months to put him to sleep in his own bed, but after about 3 hrs and him crying for mama, I would sneak into bed with him and nurse him back to sleep and continue this routine throughout the night.

First, I should explain that the whole reasoning for us moving him to his own separate bed in the first place is only because he doesn’t sleep very well while lying right next to me. He wakes up about every hour and wants to nurse and is really restless throughout the night. All we want is for everyone to get more/better sleep, period. We thought that this might help if he didn’t smell, touch, and feel me all night long. Well, it helped him a little, but it really annoyed me. The whole getting up and going into a different room four times through the night is draining. So, finally we came to our senses and after getting some inspiration from reading “The No Cry Sleep Solution” and rearranged our bedroom once again and now have our queen sized bed butted right up next to Ethan’s twin bed, which is also butted up against a wall so he can’t climb/roll out while sleeping. Yes, now our bedroom really is a BEDroom, but after 2 nights of lying with him on his twin and sneaking back to our side, the queen, I THINK it is helping. Not only that, but now I actually get to sleep next to my husband again!! What a concept! I should add that our bed sits right on the floor without the box springs, as I’m sure most of you with kids that become mobile know that at some point you almost have to do that after the child takes about 5 blows to the head from tumbling off and landing on hardwood flooring…ouch.

I was also thinking that this might be a really great thing once the baby arrives. Ethan is very close, as in two feet away, but the baby can sleep in between Gabe and I and then Ethan will be right on the other side of me, but not close enough to kick/smother the baby. (Did I mention, he is a VERY restless, kicking..moving in all directions on the bed, kind of sleeper.) So for now, I’m feeling good about this one, but just taking it one night at a time:)