Ok, I think I’m an addict.  Right now I am addicted to the wonderful danish at Florene’s Bakery.  I wake up and can’t stop thinking that I wish I had one.  I usually only give in about once a week and actually go there and buy some, but lately it has been a bit more often.  This morning as wet and dreary as it was, I took Ethan down to the Historical Mueseum.  It is free and he loves to run around and play in the toddler area as well as climb the stairs and look at all the very realistic animal exhibits.

As I was driving back home though, I couldn’t get the danish out of my mind so I broke down and stopped by and bought a package of 2 day old danish..(which are still excellent).  I think I had one of them gone by the time I got home and just ate the other one..Oh my god, I can’t believe I am publicly sharing that I am such a pig!!!!   I am going to blame it on the pregnancy cravings…I never know from day to day what sounds good and what makes me want to vomit just thinking about it..so strange.  Ok, maybe I should go and feed my son something Healthy for lunch??