I always knew that I wanted to use cloth diapers when I had a child, but I must say lots of people tried to discourage me saying I was crazy, that I would give up after a short while of doing so much laundry, and various other tactics to scare me. Luckily I don’t scare easily. Before Ethan was born I stocked up on some prefolds, covers, and diaper pins(before I knew snappi’s existed). I wish I had gone to a cloth diapering meeting, which Des Moines has a great cloth diapering community, but I didn’t. After he was born I have to admit that I was so busy with a new little baby that I kind of got scared of the cloth diapers and used disposables for the first month or so. Being new to cloth diapering I felt I needed some time to learn and adjust. Well, finally the time came and I was so excited to start using them, and therein starts my cloth diapering journey! Like I said, I feel so lucky to have such a supportive community of like minded mamas who cloth diaper and are happy to share ideas and suggestions on what they think works best regarding the types of diapers, covers, etc..Oh, also on how to properly wash them.

You can really go crazy over cloth diapers because there are so many neat options available to you, some that are really affordable, and some that are like designer diapers with a hefty price tag. I fall on the cheaper side with my stash…We use mostly prefolds and I think I have 6 pocket diapers and lots of stuffers for those. I LOVE the pocket diapers. A little more pricey, but worth it.

Using cloth makes me feel good. Feel good because I think it is more natural against my sons skin, and it has definately saved us TONS of money, and of course much, much better for the environment!

I can’t wait to pull out all the small, cute little diapers to use on the next little babe!

So if people try to discourage you from using cloth, think again…it’s really not that hard, and it makes you feel great knowing that you are caring for your child’s skin and saving the environment one diaper at a time.