No more baby face for our little boy, he got his first real haircut the other day! Ok, not professional, I did it, and it does need some work in areas, but he does look awful cute now. He is changing so much everyday it is a blast. Right now he is really into trains. He love Thomas The Train, and we maybe watch it like 2 times per week. I bought him a used set of wooden train cars from Craigslist, and he loves them. Everything is “Choo Choo…” He is not much into speaking actual words yet, but he is definatly into his sounds. He knows what the cow says and what the duck says. His interpretations are so cute. I think it is just in little boys nature to know what sound cars make, as he is a pro with the loud humming of the car engine. I can’t wait till the weather gets better so we can spend much more time outdoors. He loves playing with his daddy’s disk golf disks and putting them into the basket. Also riding in his big, red radio flyer he got for his birthday, thank god for the straps in it, or he would have jumped out weeks ago!