I feel like I must write this down, so I can remember for years to come the fear I felt when I was so helpless in this situation..I will explain:

Ethan and I met a girlfriend over in the Drake neighborhood the other night for a walk and some coffee. I brought Ethan’s red wagon that he LOVES to be pulled around in. We grabbed a coffee and headed out for a beautiful spring walk down a lovely street. We walked for about an hour and headed back to the coffee shop and stayed to listen to some live music and to watch Ethan get right in front of the stage and watch the very pretty girl sing and play the guitar. He started dancing and twirling in circles right in front of everyone, it was so cute..that lasted for only so long and his patience was running out and he was getting tired, so we said it was time to go home. We parted ways and Ethan and I headed back to the truck to load up. I put him in the truck in his carseat and set my bag that had EVERYTHING in it in the drivers seat, as well as the truck keys. I shut the door and proceeded to put the wagon in the back end and then went to get in the drivers side to go home…but it was now locked. Ethan saw those fun little keys and reached all the way over and grabbed them and obviously hit the “lock” button, because now I was locked out. I tried to stay calm for a while, but I felt so helpless and my child was crying for me to get in the vehicle. Luckily I was parked outside of a independent video store and my instincts told me to go inside and ask to use the phone to call my husband. I tried calling, but now of all times, his phone was completely shut off!! I don’t know any other phone numbers by heart…I hate cell phones by the way…so now I am cussing and explaining to the very nice man working in the store my dilema. He came out to see what kind of locks were in the truck and then said..”Well, I can probably break in for you if you want me to” I said PLEASE DO!!! I could tell he was immediatly excited about the idea of saving the day, and breaking into a truck…he said work was really slow that night. So he went and got a wire and manuvered it down into the window and after five minutes of trying to hook the latch, he got it and the car alarm started going off!! I was so thrilled. Poor Ethan was really frightened, but better now that he had his mommy. I went up to the man and gave him a big hug saying..” I don’t even know your name, but you saved my day!!” He was really sweet, and I am grateful for people like him. Karma, that’s what it is all about:)

Let’s just say I learned a few lessons the hard way that night, but some that I will hopefully never forget.