So let me say that getting up at 5:50AM is NOT a favorite thing of mine to do, but I have to make lunches every morning for the crew, so I have no choice. When I am done putting everything together I always crawl back into bed with Ethan and sometimes drift back to sleep for another couple of hours, but sometimes I can’t sleep and end up just getting up. Today was one of those mornings. And let me say, I LOVE my quiet mornings. Hubby is gone to work, and Ethan sleeps till at least 8 every morning, so that gives me about 2 whole hours to be alone and do whatever I wish! Like get caught up on my blog occasionally! The first thing that I do is make myself a 2 cup pot of delicious dark roast coffee in my french press pot. Ahh, the smell of freshly ground beans and hot steamy water…I love it. Even though I have a sink full of dirty dishes from last night, and you might think that is what I would hop on first, I don’t. This is MY time. Dishes are not fun or relaxing for me, so they can wait. I started reading a new book a few weeks ago and never seem to find time to actually read it, so I might go do that. Or maybe some morning yoga, or a nice relaxing bath?? I could think of endless “fun” things for myself to do. So I better stop talking about them, and go do them!!