Ok, so maybe paradise is a bit far fetched, but for our little corner of the world on the south side, we like it. We have been doing lots of work over the past few years that we have had our house, and each year it is apparent that it is paying off. We have such a big yard, with lots of possibilities, and I have discovered yardwork is a newfound passion of mine. Finding time for it is another thing. This year some of the new things I did was divide lots of Hostas and move them around the yard to fill in other areas that grass refuses to grow. The Hostas and flowerbed with driftwood border is new. Lots of potted flowers. I had a great find on Craigslist this spring from a family that wanted to get rid of all their Maiden Grasses for free. So I took the truck and made two trips and planted all the grasses along the fence line, hoping to develop a natural “block” to the neighbors yard. I also needed to put something in a flower bed that always gets over run with unattractive weeds, and I wanted to plant something there that would come back every year and look nice too, so I opted for the grass there too. The lady told me that the grass will get about 5 ft tall and looks nice in the fall and winter, and that it is VERY hard to kill. Perfect for me. The stone patio and patio set were put in last year by my lovely hubby, who worked his butt off on that project. Every year I plant a few new perenials and every year I divide more hostas, we’ll see what’s to come. But here are a few pictures of this year’s yard.