Two days ago I started to get a scratchy throat. I immediately woke up in the middle of the night to gargle some apple cider vinegar. (Yum, Yum!) I really believe in that stuff. It really relieves the pain, and the sore throat went away really fast…but then the runny nose started. That is where I am at right now. I am a snot factory in overdrive. This sucks. I hate getting a cold in the summertime. I can’t taste anything. I made the lunches for Gabe this morning, and first tried tasting my Quoina salad and my curry chicken salad for the wraps, and it all tasted I added a bit of salt. Who knows, it could be so salty it is inedible!! I hope not. Guess I should have had Gabe help me with that part, oh well, I’m sure I’ll get my review later!

Better go make myself some cold care tea and try to go back to bed while I still have the chance.