I just have to get this out and say that these neighborhood kids around here drive me crazy. Packs of mostly boys who just walk around obviously bored out of their minds, and have nothing better to do than mess with other people’s stuff. I hate being the neighborhood “police”, but I just can’t stand back and say nothing either. It’s not like they are doing awful stuff like robbing or breaking windows, they just go around people’s yards and climb our towers and get on top of the roof of the garage etc. Running through our yards and jumping our fences to do so. What kind of manners do the parents of these kids teach them? Not many obviously. It is sad to me that so many kids are so bored and must not be getting much attention at home and end up roaming around getting into trouble to keep themselves busy. I hope to instill better values in my child. Enough said…Kids, don’t mess with the pregnant lady, you’ll be sorry you did.