I am feeling good now about having enough diapers to use on both Ethan, and the new baby come fall. I would love to think that we are headed in the direction of potty training with Ethan, but beings he is only 1 1/2, I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up, as there could be another 1 1/2 yrs in diapers realistically. I recently hit the jackpot with finding ladies on Craigslist who were selling their old diapers for really, really cheap. I got 5 new small fitteds, 2 pockets, and 1 Bumkins AIO for at grand total of $10!! And the diapers are really cute. I also made a purchase from a local WAHM who runs a diaper business and got a couple of wetbags that are super cute and handy, as well as a few fun diapers from her. Then, just this morning I drove with my sister in law to pick up a great package of diapers that we are splitting since her little gal isn’t so little anymore and I am not in the position to hand down diapers to her since we still are using the larger ones…so we got 12 Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers for $2 a piece, 2 of them were only a dollar due to slight staining..( I can hardly see it), and we each got a large sized hemp swaddlebees fitted for $5, and she got 2 new Bummis wraps for $5. What can I say, I am the queen of thriftiness. You have to be when you are on a very limited budget. Plus I really like the idea of not buying new, but reusing existing things, being brought to new life:) The only thing we need to do is replace the elastic on all of the Fuzzi Bunz, which I was a bit nervous about, but after doing 5 minutes of research, I found a great site with photos of each step, and you can even do it by hand..this is the kind of help I need, pictures and details for the sewing dummy.

This is all part of the nesting that I am slowly doing to prepare for another little babe. I can’t wait to see him/her in these cute little diapers, oh and the sweet smell of runny BM poop again:)