Today I had an appointment with my midwife. I know that any woman in the community would agree with me when I say that we are so lucky to have Cosette here in Des Moines. She is awsome, for better lack of words. I just don’t think that someone who uses a OB, or a group of midwives at a hospital can possibly understand what it is like to be given such undivided hour and a half attention for your personal relationship with your care-giver. Basically my appointments consist of us chatting. This time around things are much different than when I was pregnant with my first. The first time around there was alot of crying on my part during the appointments working out my fears and emotions before the big day. Not that I don’t have those this time, but they are different. Now my biggest fear is just the fact that I am going to be the mother of TWO children…and can I really do that? How can I possibly love them both equally, and other thoughts along those lines.

You might not think that all this sounds important, but I believe that it is. I think that being prepared to give birth to new life is just as much an emotional process as it is physical. It’s just that most OB’s and other birth center midwives are much to busy to acknowledge that and really get to know YOU, as a person and build that center of trust that must be there in order to let your body do it’s job.

Another thing I love about my midwife is her natural, calm, nurturing personality. She speaks in such a tone that is so soothing and understanding. She doesn’t look at me like I am wierd if I start crying for what appears to be no reason at all. Today she was encouraging me to treat myself to some things during this pregnancy such as massage therapy, acupuncture, or healing touch therapy. I guess I just don’t think I “need” some of these things, but really my body and my growing baby DESERVES them. Well, I have a sister-in-law who does massage therapy and has her own table, if I could only convince her to give me a massage and let someone else hold her little girl for an hour or so…Jessica!!!! And I’ve never done acupuncture and have no doubts that it would be a treat, but I am really interested in contacting Gail to have some energy work done.

What I am really trying to say in this post, is that I feel so blessed to have been referred to my midwife a couple of years ago and that I thank her for all that she does for myself and all the other women who have had empowered experiences because of her work.

Oh, and all is well with the baby, heartbeat in the 140’s and mama has put on a healthy 18lbs so far at 24weeks. I gained 45 with Ethan, so we’ll see what happens this time! We have our ultrasound in 2 weeks, and are so excited to get a little glimpse of our squirmy little one.