Yesterday at my MW appt one of the things we were chatting about was food, and all the hidden junk that is in it.  Since both myself and my midwife have little toddler sons running around, we are at the same point as far as trying to find them healthy snacks and staying away from the sugar.  It was a really good talk that prompted me to come home and raid my cupboards and look at all the ingredients on certain items and check for all the hidden dyes, and especially high fructose corn syrup.  Yep, it’s in nearly everything alright!  So today I went to the health food store and restocked on all the things I tossed like ketchup, peanut butter, syrup, just to name a few.  Both my hubby and my son are big snackers, and so I am trying really hard to come up with more healthy options for them.  We have been buying lots of fruit, and veggies that I give to them with dip of course…and today I stocked up on nuts and dried fruits..ok so I spent a fortune on them, and knowing my hubby’s appetite, he could probably eat them all in like 3-4 days..but hey, he is the one who pays the bills, so if he is ok with that, more power to him!

I guess more than anything, I like the fact that I am becoming much more aware of what we put in our mouth’s everyday, especially now that we have a already hyper active little boy, who doesn’t need the added sugar in his body.  I am trying to find some sort of middle ground, because I can not control every little thing, and I really don’t want to, but by making these little changes I feel like we are moving in the right direction.