We have been working really hard the last couple of days to get the house and the yard ready to house some guests for a while.  Gabe’s sister and her family are driving here from California to vacation/see family/ride Ragbrai.  They should be arriving tomorrow evening, and will be staying here with us until they leave for the ride, and then will be coming back afterwards to stay here for a while longer.  It will be a lot of fun because they have a son who just turned one a few days ago, and we’ve only met him once last fall when we flew out to visit them, but he was only 3 mths old at that time.  Now both he and his big cousin are walking and will hopefully have fun playing together.

We, I should say mainly Gabe, really gets motivated to get some deep cleaning/home projects done when we have this kind of deadline.  That being said, right now our basement, where they will be sleeping, is completely torn apart and is in the process of being deep cleaned to the core.  Gabe started painting the floor today..(concrete) and it is amazing what a nice coat of paint can do to freshen something up.  I washed the bedding today and it is still outside on the line airing out.  We also have a bathroom/laundry room in the basement that is your typical kind of basement bathroom/shower, but Gabe also took out the toilet and power washed it, and gave all the walls and the floor a fresh, bright coat of paint as well..needless to say it looks quite nice!  Now all we have to do is get in that shower and try to clean it really well..the grout is kind of gross with some mildew growing in there.

Since I am not really in the stage right now to  use any kind of harsh cleaners to get that nasty job done, my mother-in-law, who owns her own cleaning business is stopping by in the morning with her crew to help us out with a few last minute cleaning projects, such as cleaning that shower, and sweeping and mopping all our hardwood floors upstairs.  She is really into bartering, and she has a good sized list of things she wants Gabe to work on for her, so this is her trade, cleaning for us.  I’ll take that.

Anyways, nothing like waiting till the very last minute for us, but thats just what we do..especially with a toddler who can create new messes in 10 seconds flat, it really only makes sense.  Can’t wait to see our family, it should be lots of fun..will report back soon with pictures of our reunion!