Yes, I broke down this time and really wanted to know the sex of the baby for some reason. We had our ultrasound yesterday with Dr. Mintzer, and revealed some very evident boy parts inside of me! I really thought this time it was a girl. Everything from the beginning has been so different and I thought my “intuition” was picking up girl vibes. BOY was I wrong!! I will admit, I secretly wanted a girl for selfish reasons, and shed a few tears knowing that that just isn’t my destiny in life, beings my husband is putting his foot down at 2 kids…but after my 1 minute of tears and sadness, I am very excited about the idea of having another sweet boy. Ethan will love having a brother to grow up with, and boys treat their mamas so very special.

I am very grateful that everything showed up to be growing perfectly normal and healthy…oh, did I mention BIG too? Yes, according to my dates I am only 26 1/2 weeks pregnant right now, but according to the measurments of the baby.(head, femur..not sure what else he measured) dates the size of the baby to be more like 28 weeks along, and approximately 2 1/2 lbs. When I told the doctor that Ethan was a large baby at 9lbs 2 oz he said…oh…and then I said, ” And he was born one week EARLY”…he said…oh, my….looks like you are in for another large baby boy! And here I was hoping I would get lucky this time around and have a nice “normal” sized baby that stayed “baby sized” for more than 2 weeks…

I am set, though in terms of what I have, what I need, etc. Don’t really need a darn thing. I have lent some of his clothes to his cousin Dustin, but I’m pretty sure she still has most of them and can give them back if we need them.

Ok, just wanted to get my thoughts written down and share the news!