Ethan admiring his newly organized toys

Ethan admiring his newly organized toys

First I must say, that it is a whopping 25 degrees cooler outside as I am writing this post, almost feels chilly in the middle of the night. Ahh…my kind of weather.

So lately I have been really nesting around the house. I have been doing lots of thinking, and reorganizing to make room for one more in our rather tiny house. So far I have been up in the attic and have sorted through all Ethan’s baby clothes and washed and folded what I am going to use. I have picked out about 8 different baby blankets of all sizes and textures and washed them and put them in their own drawer..I have to add that baby blankets are a VERY popular gift for a new mom to be, and as nice as it is to have a selection…..PLEASE no more baby blankets!!

I have been trying to figure out the best organization of the boy’s toy/clothes/changing table room. Right now Ethan has all his toys and books scattered everywhere in the room and you can hardly walk in there without fear of breaking your ankle on a wooden block. I need to make room for his toys, both boy’s clothes, both kids diapers and the changing station. So I ended up buying this toy organizer off of Craigslist that I had actually admired on the Target website a while back and was going to have Gabe make me one in a similar style. But let’s face it. My husband is a busy man, and if I were to actually wait for him to get around to this project it might be finished the day the baby is born and that just won’t do it for me right now. So I feel like I got a good deal, and he got off the hook in needing to set aside time to do that for me.

Next up, I am looking for a simple smaller sized dresser for the room for the new baby’s clothes to go in. I have only looked in one thrift store so far, but I have confidence that I will find something cheap and perfect for my needs. I can always spice it up and paint it if needed.

I figure if I pick one small project everyday, I’ll be set…right? I still have to leave time for making meals and freezing them, but that can wait until September. I’m not messing around this time, I mean business:)