So I have been making this tea now for about the last three weeks which consists of about half nettle, half red raspberry leaf. I make a really strong brew and drink it iced, no sweetener for me. I was sopost to be adding yellow dock root to it as well, but the first batch with that stuff tasted so nasty I couldn’t choke it down, so I’m omitting it altogether. Both Red raspberry Leaf and Nettles have wonderful healing qualities, that happen to be especially helpful to pregnant women in aiding with blood building and toning of the uterus. We are trying to take precautionary measures this time around to prevent PP Hemmorage, cause ya know…I just don’t really feel like dealing with that again!

The tea really doesn’t taste bad at all, just kind of earthy and grassy. Funny thing is, both my son and my husband love it too…so I have been making alot of it lately.