I love my beets!

Ok, I’ll just say that this is probably going to be boring for anyone other than myself reading this entry, but I’ve wanted to do this for awhile now. I thought it would be fun to look back on his life and see what some of his favorite foods and least favorite foods are. So, here we are at almost 20mths old and this is what he like and dislikes:


  • Corn of any kind
  • Pickles, dill, the brinier the better
  • banana peppers
  • black olives, especially when eaten off his fingers
  • cooked carrots
  • peas
  • bread or toast with honey and butter
  • plain ol spoon fulls of honey
  • straight up tangy plain yogurt
  • raisins
  • grapes, green or red, but especially red
  • cheddar bunnies
  • chicken
  • any kind of dipping sauce…ketchup, BBQ, ranch, chip dip
  • cooked broccoli, I’m not kidding the child will eat almost an entire bunch in one setting
  • raw veggies with dip..(carrots, broccoli, celery, cucumbers)
  • tomatoes…suprised he didn’t turn into a tomato this summer he will pick them and pop handfuls straight into his mouth
  • tomatoes and cucumbers cut up with vinegar and salt and pepper on them..(this is how I eat them:)
  • Green Peppers, caught him eating them straight from my garden like an apple..how strange
  • peaches
  • smoothies of any kind
  • ice cream of any kind
  • cottage cheese
  • any kind of cheese..chunked up, shredded, parmesan, whatever…
  • Pasta of any kind, can’t get enough noodles
  • rice of any kind, brown rice, basmati, whatever…
  • Quinoa
  • Cous Cous
  • Peanut butter on anything
  • Bacon
  • yogurt covered raisins
  • Beets
  • Pizza of any kind

Not To Keen On

  • Eggs of any kind
  • Potatoes, could take em or leave em..
  • Beef of any kind