Last night I went to a group Blessing Way Celebration. It was at a local yoga studio here in town that is in a beautiful house. There ended up being 4 of us pregnant gals plus Sandy, the leader, so it was a nice, intimate group. It really was wonderful. For 2 hours we listened to Sandy read to us beautiful affirmations, meditations, poems, even a song…acknowledging the inner strength in all of us. There were tears shed and stories told, it was simply wonderful.

Today I started collecting things to put on my “birthing alter”. This is something new I am going to do for this pregnancy. It sounds wierd, but it it is really quite simple. I have space set aside on top of the baby’s dresser where I am collecting things that are sacred and meaningful to me during this time. Some items from the Blessing Way last night, his first little cloth diaper he will wear, his first little booties and onsie, words of encouragement written by my sister-in-law, a candle, just to name a few. I am putting together a collage right now of words and photos and other inspiring things that I am going to hang above the space. I even asked Gabe if he will participate and do some artwork on the collage.

I am currently reading the book Birthing In The Spirit, which is proving to be a perfect read for this time of my pregnancy. I really do feel at peace, positive, happy, and very serene right now. I would really like to carry this attitude with me over the next several weeks, and even spill it over onto my friends and family.