This is the phrase I’ve heard from my hubby about at least a couple of items that I’ve cooked in the past week. See, 2 weeks ago I started making and freezing about 2 main dish meals each week to reheat and enjoy after this baby is born. So each week when I sit down and do my weekly menu planning for our family, I always include at least 2 things for dinner that I think would be excellent nourishment post partum. Plus, with fall like temps hitting us early this year, it seems that most of these things are very “homey” as well.

It’s just interesting that I am in the full swing of nesting right now, and loving it I must add, and I feel like there is just extra “love” in everything that my hands touch right now. Including my cooking. And, I have to say that in my opinion, I have one of the opinionated, critiques of a husband who would tell me the truth about how something tastes whether I want to hear it or not. Last week, it was my spinach lasagna that he was in awe of, and that, we now have 2 pans of in the freezer, and tonight it was my scalloped potatoes and ham that he said was the best he’s ever had..(not even that I’ve just made), and that we have one large pan of for the freezer. I just think that there is some kind of magic in the air right now, and I can’t quite describe what I mean..Gabe thinks I’m just hormonally supercharged and as high as high can be. Whatever it is, I hope it sticks with me for the rest of this pregnancy, and I hope the “crash” won’t kill me.