So I could dedicate an entire post to my trip to the ER last Tuesday and the 2 nights of hospital stay that followed, but I am not going to. To think back to it all the time brings me stress, and stress is what I am trying to stay away from from now until my baby decides to be born.

Right now I am 35 weeks along, and 37 is considered “full term”, and safe time for having a home birth. We still really want to have a home birth, but there are a few things we need to find out from the specialist over at Methodist first, just to make sure that that is still a safe option for both myself and for the baby. I know that bleeding is something that no one wants to see in pregnancy, and up until now, I’ve never had to deal with this rollercoaster. Since Friday morning I have pretty much been “blood free”, and now this morning there is some brown spotting. Not alot at all, but it is there. At least it is brown, and not red. I just don’t know what is considered safe, or normal, for me right now, so it is easy to get worried about anything. As long as my baby is telling me he is fine, that is reassuring. He is still actively moving and is head down. Taking care of a toddler and trying to take care of yourself is not an easy task. He still likes to be picked up from mom and dad, only now, mom is saying NO. Like right now, I feel bad that he is sitting in front of the T.V., but I just feel really limited to the activities I can/should be doing with him right now…a little T.V. over the next couple of weeks is not going to kill him, right?

I have been journaling about all of this, and it is helping me process it all and working through it. I just felt the need to get on this morning and write a little bit to “get it out” and move on with my day.