Yes, I am still alive! Things are going good here on the homestead with the two boys…well, three if you count my hubby. We are all getting used to our new addition and the juggling act that it takes to take care of a toddler and a baby at the same time! It is a challenge! We have friends that have kids spaced about the same as ours, and they assure us that the first 18mths are really hard, but that after that it does get easier…18mths, wow, that seems like a really long time.

Being a mom to 2 kids now really makes me admire and respect all the other parents, especially moms, out there in the world who have paved the way and survived. I must say that I am thrilled that I really feel like 2 kids is going to be it for us, and I can’t wait to sit back now and watch the rest of my friends and family have their children instead of us. Maybe now some of them will understand.

Oliver is doing great, still sleeping quite a bit and nursing alot, like every hour to two hours. He is still having lots of waking up/awake time at night, and mom is still a coffee drinking zombie. He is gaining weight really well, last week he was 8.7, and I’d guess him pushing at least 9lbs now. His little bloated belly is hilarious. Ok, laundry is done spinning, gonna hang the sheets out on the line today to get that extra fresh fall smell.