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Much to our surprise, after being admitted to the hospital again after another bleeding episode, my body decided to kick into labor all on it’s own and about 3 hrs later we were blessed with our beautiful new son, who we named Oliver. He was born Sat, Sept 27, at 5:47pm, weighing in at exactly 7lbs. Even though he was only 36 weeks, he is very healthy, lungs are working great, nursing like a champ, sleeping and pooping and peeing like a champ as well. We feel very blessed and lucky to have had everything work out so beautifully. I could go on and on, but now since I’m the mother of two…my computer time has to be quick. So for now I’ll post a few pictures and will recap later when I have more time..(if that ever happens..)

Ethan getting to know his new brother

Ethan getting to know his new brother

Loving the blanket his mommy dyed for him!

Loving the blanket his mommy dyed for him!

Adorable little tongue

Adorable little tongue

Agh, do you have to use the flash dad?

Agh, do you have to use the flash dad?


Got the call today from my midwife after she consulted with the specialist, and was determined by both of them that it indeed to risky to go forward with a homebirth at this point. I feel like I am processing all this information with a very open mind and open heart, and feel good about the decision. Of course it is a pain in the butt to now try to find an OB who will take me on and which hospital we will choose, etc…oh, and not to mention the whole no Maternity coverage health insurance thing…but I believe it will all get worked out in the end.

Some things in life happen for reasons unknown to us, and I can either be mad and fight it, or process it and move forward with a positive outlook. I choose to move forward knowing that I am a strong, intelligent woman, who will birth this baby just fine no matter where we are at.

Last night I went to a group Blessing Way Celebration. It was at a local yoga studio here in town that is in a beautiful house. There ended up being 4 of us pregnant gals plus Sandy, the leader, so it was a nice, intimate group. It really was wonderful. For 2 hours we listened to Sandy read to us beautiful affirmations, meditations, poems, even a song…acknowledging the inner strength in all of us. There were tears shed and stories told, it was simply wonderful.

Today I started collecting things to put on my “birthing alter”. This is something new I am going to do for this pregnancy. It sounds wierd, but it it is really quite simple. I have space set aside on top of the baby’s dresser where I am collecting things that are sacred and meaningful to me during this time. Some items from the Blessing Way last night, his first little cloth diaper he will wear, his first little booties and onsie, words of encouragement written by my sister-in-law, a candle, just to name a few. I am putting together a collage right now of words and photos and other inspiring things that I am going to hang above the space. I even asked Gabe if he will participate and do some artwork on the collage.

I am currently reading the book Birthing In The Spirit, which is proving to be a perfect read for this time of my pregnancy. I really do feel at peace, positive, happy, and very serene right now. I would really like to carry this attitude with me over the next several weeks, and even spill it over onto my friends and family.

Yes, I broke down this time and really wanted to know the sex of the baby for some reason. We had our ultrasound yesterday with Dr. Mintzer, and revealed some very evident boy parts inside of me! I really thought this time it was a girl. Everything from the beginning has been so different and I thought my “intuition” was picking up girl vibes. BOY was I wrong!! I will admit, I secretly wanted a girl for selfish reasons, and shed a few tears knowing that that just isn’t my destiny in life, beings my husband is putting his foot down at 2 kids…but after my 1 minute of tears and sadness, I am very excited about the idea of having another sweet boy. Ethan will love having a brother to grow up with, and boys treat their mamas so very special.

I am very grateful that everything showed up to be growing perfectly normal and healthy…oh, did I mention BIG too? Yes, according to my dates I am only 26 1/2 weeks pregnant right now, but according to the measurments of the baby.(head, femur..not sure what else he measured) dates the size of the baby to be more like 28 weeks along, and approximately 2 1/2 lbs. When I told the doctor that Ethan was a large baby at 9lbs 2 oz he said…oh…and then I said, ” And he was born one week EARLY”…he said…oh, my….looks like you are in for another large baby boy! And here I was hoping I would get lucky this time around and have a nice “normal” sized baby that stayed “baby sized” for more than 2 weeks…

I am set, though in terms of what I have, what I need, etc. Don’t really need a darn thing. I have lent some of his clothes to his cousin Dustin, but I’m pretty sure she still has most of them and can give them back if we need them.

Ok, just wanted to get my thoughts written down and share the news!

Yesterday was a very special day for us.  We had our very first appointment with our Midwife, and we got to listen to our growing baby’s heartbeat!  She was looking for it for quite a while, almost thought I might need to come back in a week to recheck, but she wasn’t about to give up easily….and then there it was, the very fast-paced sound of a little horse racing.  She turned up the volume on the doppler and I cried like a baby.  Ethan was there too, and he was really curious as to why mommy was crying and what all the excitement was about.

I feel like it is real now, there really is something in there:)  Oh joy!


Fall is my favorite time of the year. This fall we will be blessed by the birth of another Lueders baby! Yes, I guess the title of my previous post said it all, Love IS in the air!! We were leaving this next baby up to mother nature to decide when it was the right time, and I guess that time is now! We are excited and a little scared both. I like the idea of two children fairly close in age, as this is how my siblings and I are spaced. The scared part can speak for itself. A little 22 mth old red-headed terror and a baby!!

Once again we will be using our good friend and midwife, Cossette for the birth. It will be at home again, probably a water birth again as well. If it were up to Gabe we might do this birth unassisted, but Cossette’s “pregnancy therapy” alone is well worth the money, plus I’m not that crazy! We don’t want to find out the sex of the baby, as we love that moment of magic and surprise!

I am just going to try to do whatever it takes to get through the first trimester “yuckies” with ease. You know what I mean, nausea, extreme exhaustion, emotional, bitchy, and feeling so bloated that I could float away. Oh, but then comes the wonderful second trimester:) The hormones that kick in that make you feel like nothing in the world could bother you, great skin, healthy, shiny hair…and finally a baby belly that tells the world that you have NOT gained enormous amounts of weight, but that there is really something growing in there!

I know that October is far away from now, but I can’t help but get giddy as I think about baby toes and sweet little coos. I know our parents always tell us that kids grow up so fast, and now I know what they meant by that. With that in mind, I think I’ll go snuggle up to my little boy:)